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Newsletter, 1980 (Box 1, folder 22)

The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) collection consists of the various papers, newsletters, court dockets, and publications which were housed by PIRC in an effort to organize all efforts against the restart of Three Mile Island, following the near-meltdown on March 28, 1979. The PIRC was...

Collection Inventory: TMI-PIRC.pdf

Journal, 1941 (Box 1, folder 2)

George Edward Reed II (1912-1998) graduated from Dickinson College in 1935. This collection contains journals that document his service during World War II. The journals include diary entries, which start in June 1941 and end in November 1945. The journals also include correspondence,...

Collection Inventory: mc2009.01.pdf

Copybook, c.1847-1851 (Box 1, folder 7)

The William Charles Ford Reed Collection was donated to the college in 1951 by the sons of William C. F. Reed, Class of 1851. The collection contains some of Reed's student writings, notebooks, and his complete set of school books. A subsequent donation in 1956 consisted of a few papers and 37...

Collection Inventory: mc2001.16.pdf

Letter, 1926 (Box 1, folder 6)

This collection contains the correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings and other materials of Mary Lamb Riley. The bulk of the collection is correspondence sent to Mary Lamb Riley by her mother, Harriet Collins Lamb, and her daughter, Marjorie Lamb Riley. The collection also contains some...

Collection Inventory: mc2003.05.pdf

Charles Arthur Robinson, c1915 (PC 2012.1, folder 11)

The Charles Arthur Robinson Collection was donated by Charles L. Robinson on January 14, 2012. The collection is housed in two document boxes, one oversized box, 57 photograph folders, and one small artifact box. The collection contains materials related to Charles A. Robinson ('20) and Reba M....

Collection Inventory: mc2012.01.pdf

Photograph, c.1910 (Photographs, folder 3)

William Howard Sharp (1891-1958) graduated from Dickinson College in 1913. After graduation he worked as an insurance agent, was admitted to the New Jersey bar, and was elected to the New Jersey State Senate. This collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs that...

Collection Inventory: mc2009.02.pdf

Scrapbook, 1930-1935 (Box 1, folder 5)

Spencer Bauman Smith (1911-1984) graduated from Dickinson College in 1934. He then attended the Princeton Theological Seminary and served as pastor of the Camp Hill (PA) Presbyterian Church for 34 years. This collection contains correspondence and memorabilia from his college days.

Collection Inventory: mc2011.04.pdf

Passport, 1925 (Box 3, folder 13)

James Gordon Steese (1882-1958) was a member of the Dickinson College class of 1902. Among his many activities, Steese served as president of the Board of Road Commissioners for Alaska; the Steese Highway in Alaska is named for him. He later was involved with the development of railroads in both...

Collection Inventory: mc2002.04.pdf

Poster, 1979 (Box 1, folder 13)

Robert Swift was a Pennsylvania statehouse reporter during the accident at Three Mile Island. As such, he not only covered the numerous press conferences held to discuss the incident, but also reported from TMI the first night of the accident. The Robert Swift collection consists primarily of...

Collection Inventory: TMI-Swift.pdf

OC 2013.3, Folder 16

Allen C. Tanner (1898-1987) was an Illinois-born pianist. At fifteen he was awarded a scholarship to study music in Chicago. There he met Margaret Anderson, editor of the Little Review. Tanner then moved to New York City where he performed in musical salons and accompanied many musical...

Collection Inventory: Allen Tanner collection inventory

Newsletter, 1979 (folder

Three Mile Island Alert (TMIA) collection consists of the various papers, government documents, legal documents, transcripts, and publications collected and maintained by Three Mile Island Alert, a not-for-profit citizens' organization dedicated to promotion of safe-energy alternatives to...

Collection Inventory: TMI-TMIA.pdf

Image of Tiley Family Collection
1819-1979; bulk 1880-1945

This collection documents several members of the Dum family of Carlisle, PA, particularly Annie Spotts Dum, Blanche L. Dum (Class of 1910), George B. Dum, Miriam Dum Frey (Class of 1913), and ...

Collection Inventory: mc2017.03.pdf

Photograph, c1945 (Photographs, folder 52)

Ruth Agnes Trout graduated from Dickinson College with the class of 1936. In 1983, she and her sister, Helen Elizabeth Trout, established the Trout Gallery at the college in honor of their parents, Brook and Mary Agnes Cook Trout. This collection of papers documents Trout's relationship with the...

Collection Inventory: mc2005.01.pdf

Notebook, c.1895 (Box 1, folder 1)

Thomas W. Troxell (1874-1947) graduated from Dickinson College in 1898. He taught at schools in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia before finishing his career as principal at Gaithersburg High School in Maryland. This small collection contains materials related to Troxell’s...

Collection Inventory: mc2012.07.pdf

Letters, 1928-1929 (Box 1, folder 5)

Emma Catherine Wentzel graduated from Dickinson College in 1934. This collection contains correspondence received during her high school and college years.

Collection Inventory: mc2007.01.pdf

The Uses of Bibliography, Lecture II: “The Bibliographer and the Makers of the Book” (typescript), 1953

The Willoughby collection is divided into three series and housed in four document boxes. It is comprised mostly of drafts of literary works, contained in the Literary Productions series, as well as correspondence, mostly relating to his librarian work, and miscellaneous other materials. The...

Collection Inventory: mc2011.05.pdf

Ephemera, 1901 (Box 1, folder 71)

This collection consists of nine scrapbooks relating to John Perry Wood (1879-1959), Dickinson College class of 1901 and Yale University School of Law class of 1902, and his family. Most of the scrapbooks deal with aspects of family life: correspondence between family members, and memorials to...

Collection Inventory: mc2009.03.pdf

Ticket for “Lectures upon the Institutes of Medicine and Clinical Cases,” by Benjamin Rush

William Kirkpatrick's ticket for Benjamin Rush's "Lectures upon the Institutes of Medicine and Clinical Cases" at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1794.

Location: I-Original-1794-2

Subject: Health and Medicine

Format: Memorabilia and Ephemera

Time Period: 1780-1799

1810 Commencement Program
September 26, 1810

The program for the 1810 Commencement exercises lists members of the graduating class and the title of the oration that they had to deliver.

Location: Dickinsoniana Programs

Subject: Dickinson College Events

Format: Memorabilia and Ephemera

Time Period: 1800-1819

Letter from William Snively to J. S. Gordon
March 2, 1850

William Snively writes to J. S. Gordon regarding his experience as a student at Dickinson. Snively, who is preparing for the ‘April Examination,’ describes students' rowdy behavior, including an incident when "some persons tore all the seats out of Prof. Marshall’s lecture room, and made a...

1860 Commencement Program
July 12, 1860

The Commencement program for the 1859-60 academic year, which is held on July 12, 1860.

Location: Dickinsoniana Programs

Subject: Dickinson College Events

Format: Memorabilia and Ephemera

Time Period: 1860-1879

Southern Illinois Interscholastic Athletic Contest program
May 7, 1915

This brochure contains the roster of participants and the order of track and field events for the seventh Southern Illinois Interscholastic athletic contest held in Carbondale, Illinois.

Location: MC 2013.3, B6, F14

Subject: Sport and Recreation

Format: Memorabilia and Ephemera

Time Period: 1900-1919

I. J. Paderewski recital program
January 2, 1916

This program is for Polish pianist Ignacy Jan Paderewski's recital at Orchestra Hall in Chicago in 1916.

Location: MC 2013.3, B5, F5

Subject: Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Memorabilia and Ephemera

Time Period: 1900-1919

Mt. Vernon, Illinois First Methodist Episcopal Church bulletin
December 1918

This bulletin for the Mt. Vernon First Methodist Episcopal Church advertises prayer meetings and worship services at the church, including the congregation's Christmas Sunday service on December 22, 1918.

Location: MC 2013.3, B6, F13

Subject: Religion and Spirituality

Format: Memorabilia and Ephemera

Time Period: 1900-1919

Concert for the benefit of the Permanent Blind Relief War Fund program
March 23, 1919

This is a concert program for a performance Marguerite Namara and Allen Tanner gave to raise money for the Permanent Blind Relief War Fund for the Soldiers and Sailors of the Allies.

Location: MC 2013.3, B5, F22

Subject: Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Memorabilia and Ephemera

Time Period: 1900-1919


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