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Matriculation book, 1849-1853 (RG 5/1 - 2.1.4)

In the nineteenth century, the activities pertaining to admissions and student affairs were performed by the President of the College, with some assistance from the other faculty members. Inquiries concerning admissions were generally made directly to the President of the College. Members of the...

Collection Inventory: PDF icon RG 5/1 - Student Affairs/Registrar

OC 2013.3, Folder 16

Allen C. Tanner (1898-1987) was an Illinois-born pianist. At fifteen he was awarded a scholarship to study music in Chicago. There he met Margaret Anderson, editor of the Little Review. Tanner then moved to New York City where he performed in musical salons and accompanied many musical...

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Notebook, c.1895 (Box 1, folder 1)

Thomas W. Troxell (1874-1947) graduated from Dickinson College in 1898. He taught at schools in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia before finishing his career as principal at Gaithersburg High School in Maryland. This small collection contains materials related to Troxell’s...

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Sermon, undated (Box 1, folder 8)

William Van Bergen Tudor (1832-1916) graduated from Dickinson College in 1850 and earned a Doctor of Divinity degree from Centenary College in Louisiana in 1872. He served as a minister in the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, as well as in the St. Louis and Virginia...

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Sermon, 1877 (Box 1, folder 17)

The collection contains papers of Ferdinand de Wilton Ward (1812-1891) concerning the Central Church in Geneseo, New York, the American Bible Society, and the genealogy of the Ward family. Also in the collection are a journal of Ward's voyage to India in 1837 and a letter book of the Indian...

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Biology notes, 1932 (Box 1, folder 2)

Eleanor T. Waugh Hanley (19??-1940) was the daughter of Karl Tinsley Waugh, who served as president of Dickinson College from 1932 to 1933. Hanley enrolled in the Dickinson class of 1935 and participated in numerous campus activities, although she did not graduate from Dickinson. Hanley died...

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Karl Tinsley Waugh ws born in 1879 in Cawnpore, India. His family moved back to the U.S. when he was a teenager, and he later received degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University and Harvard. He served in teaching and administrative positions at numerous colleges and universities, and he served as...

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Notebook, 1762 (Box 1, folder 1)

The Anthony Wayne collection consists of four notebooks kept by Anthony, Charles, and Isaac Wayne. The two notebooks belonging to Anthony Wayne, dated 1762 to 1764, contain notes on mathematics and surveying; the notebook of Charles Wayne also includes notes on mathematics. Isaac Wayne's...

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The Uses of Bibliography, Lecture II: “The Bibliographer and the Makers of the Book” (typescript), 1953

The Willoughby collection is divided into three series and housed in four document boxes. It is comprised mostly of drafts of literary works, contained in the Literary Productions series, as well as correspondence, mostly relating to his librarian work, and miscellaneous other materials. The...

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Speech, 1837 (Box 1, folder 12)

The collection includes correspondence, speeches, essays, notebooks, bills, printed materials, and notes on debates and other such topics as the Light Street Institute and the Washington Temperance Society. The collection spans three main time periods in Zug's life: his enrollment at Dickinson...

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Hiester Muhlenberg's Notebook on "The History of the Peloponnesian War" by Thucydides

The first portion of Hiester Muhlenberg's notebook while a student at Dickinson College consists of synopses of each book in Thucydides' "The History of the Peloponnesian War."

Hiester Muhlenberg's notebook consists of synopses of each book in Thucydides' "The History of the Peloponnesian...

"Reminiscences of Dickinson College," by Richard Chaney

Richard Gassaway Chaney, a member of the Class of 1849, uses these notes to write "Reminiscences of Dickinson College" for the New York Christian Advocate. Chaney uses his school diary as his primary source. Transcript included.

Location: I-Christian-1960-1

Subject: Dickinson College Student Life, Education

Format: Notes and Notebooks

Time Period: 1900-1919

Notes on Friendship with Gertrude Stein by Allen Tanner

Allen Tanner reminisces about his friendships with Gertude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, and Pavel Tchelitchew. Transcript included.

Location: MC 2013.3, B4, F37

Subject: Literary Pursuits

Format: Notes and Notebooks

Time Period:

Notebook for Black Arts Festival 1985

This notebook details the process of scheduling and planning the 1985 Black Arts Festival, including information on budget allocations, questions for lecturers, and the formulation of an advertising campaign.

Notes on Gay Life in Chicago during the 1910s by Allen Tanner

Allen Tanner recalls his impressions of gay life (camp) in Chicago during the 1910s including the origin of the use of the word "drag." Transcript included.

Location: MC 2013.3, B4, F41

Subject: LGBT History

Format: Notes and Notebooks

Time Period:

Notes on Gertrude Stein’s writing by Allen Tanner

In these notes, Allen Tanner describes what he likes about Gertrude Stein's writing style.

Location: MC 2013.3, B2, F6

Subject: Literary Pursuits

Format: Notes and Notebooks

Time Period:

Notes on Parker Tyler’s The Divine Comedy of Pavel Tchelitchew by Allen Tanner

In these notes, Allen Tanner writes about his feelings regarding  the way Pavel Tchelitchew and Edith Sitwell are remembered in Parker Tyler's book The Divine Comedy of Pavel Tchelitchew.

Location: MC 2013.3, B2, F6

Subject: LGBT History, Literary Pursuits, Personal and Family Life, Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Notes and Notebooks

Time Period:


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