Burns, Robert

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"Robert Burns," by Alexander M. Hamilton
July 11, 1850

Alexander M. Hamilton prepared this oration, entitled “Robert Burns," for the commencement ceremonies held July 11, 1850. Authoring an original speech was among the graduation requirements for Dickinson College seniors at that time. Transcript included.

Location: Orations-1850-H217r

Subject: Literary Pursuits

Format: Speeches and Sermons

Time Period: 1840-1859

Letter from James Buchanan to New York City Burns Club
January 15, 1859

President James Buchanan writes the Burns Club of the City of New York to decline the club's invitation to a dinner celebrating Robert Burns's centennial birthday. Buchanan also expresses his personal views on the poet's life and work. "[Burns] has ever been a favorite poet of mine," as Buchanan...

Location: I-Friends-2011-3

Subject: Literary Pursuits

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1840-1859

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