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Essay instructions, c.1979 (Box 1, folder 2)

Julius "Steve" Kassovic taught in the Sociology-Anthropology Department at Dickinson from 1979 to 1984. This collection contains assignments from his popular Introduction to Folklore course, during which students gathered jokes, stories, myths, ethnic expressions and other pieces of folkore from...

Collection Inventory: mc2010.01.pdf

Letter from Charles Nisbet to William Young
November 21, 1792

Charles Nisbet writes to bookseller William Young regarding a packet from an unspecified Mr. Wilson with two letters for Europe. Nisbet also asks for a paper, discusses Carlisle weather, and speculates about the French Revolution.

Letter from Joseph Priestley to Theophilus Lindsey
August 15, 1794

Theologian and scholar Joseph Priestley writes to his friend Theophilus Lindsey. Priestley discusses his recent move to Northumberland, Pennsylvania, trouble with the mail, the local climate, the prospect for building, his work, the French Revolution, and the cause of Unitarianism. Transcript...

Letter from James Buchanan to James Humes
October 13, 1832

James Buchanan writes to James Humes regarding the "unpleasant circumstances attending my departure" from the United States, Pennsylvania Governor George Wolf's re-election, and increasing sectional tensions. Buchanan also describes his experience living in St. Petersburg as the United States...

Letter from Thomas McFadden to Robert Black
December 3, 1843

Thomas McFadden, a member of the Class of 1845, writes Robert Black about life at Dickinson College. McFadden "know[s] not what reasons particularly influenced my parents to chose this place except its known celebrity for every thing good, and the moral reputation which it sustains," and...

Letter from Roger B. Taney to J. Mason Campbell
August 25, 1855

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney writes to J. Mason Campbell about the summer at Old Point with regard to the nearby outbreak of yellow fever and the construction of a new wharf. While his family is safe from the outbreak, Taney finds sadness in the illness and death as well as the...

Letter from Roger Brooke Taney to Mrs. Patterson
March 17, 1856

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney thanks his daughter, Alice Taney Campbell, for sending a letter that arrives on his 79th birthday. Campbell's "affectionate remembrance," as Taney explains, reminds him of her "affectionate & constant attention to [her] dear grandmother."...

Location: I-SpahrB-1964-7

Subject: Health and Medicine, Personal and Family Life, Weather and Climate

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1840-1859

Letter from Roger B. Taney to Phoebe Campbell
September 5, 1856

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney writes to his granddaughter, Phoebe K. Campbell, about the summer weather as well as reports and comments on various family news. Family members mentioned include Phoebe's aunt Maria and Mr. Allison, her siblings Alice and Taney, her father, her...

Location: I-SpahrB-1965-9

Subject: Health and Medicine, Personal and Family Life, Weather and Climate

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1840-1859

Letters from John Cuddy (April 1863)
April 1863

John Taylor Cuddy writes three letters to his friends and family describing life as a soldier for the Union Army during the Civil War. Cuddy also comments on the places he has visited, the weather conditions, his unit's future orders, and reflects on his relationship with a girl named Anna....

"Effect of Climate on Character," by David B. Herman
June 29, 1865

David B. Herman prepared this oration, entitled “Effect of Climate on Character," for the commencement ceremonies held June 29, 1865. Authoring an original speech was among the graduation requirements for Dickinson College seniors at that time. Transcript included.

Location: Orations-1865-H551eX

Subject: International Affairs, Weather and Climate

Format: Speeches and Sermons

Time Period: 1860-1879

Letters from Spencer Baird to George Lawrence (Jul. – Aug. 1872)
July - August 1872

Spencer Fullerton Baird, Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, writes two letters to George Lawrence regarding travel plans and the weather. Transcripts included.

Location: MC 2000.11, B1, F15

Subject: Personal and Family Life, Travel and Tourism, Weather and Climate

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879

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