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Letter from Spencer Baird to Brantz Mayer
August 3, 1878

Spencer F. Baird asks Brantz Mayer to consider "turning over" his collections to the Smithsonian Institution. Baird, who is particularly interested in the "Mexican Collection," promises Mayer that the items would be on exhibit in "the finest...

Location: I-SpahrB-1963-3

Subject: Education, Science and Technology

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879

"A Sketch of Dickinson College," by Charles F. Himes

Publisher: Harrisburg: Lane's Hart

In this first comprehensive history of the school, Charles F. Himes details the first century of Dickinson College, giving the science program particular attention. Himes, a member of the...

Letter from Montgomery Meigs to Spencer Baird
June 23, 1879

Civil engineer Montgomery C. Meigs writes to Smithsonian Secretary Spencer Fullterton Baird, regarding building plans with offices for science professors, laboratories, a library, and a museum.

Location: I-Original-1879-1

Subject: Education, Science and Technology

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879

Letter from Edwin Abbey to George Boughton
August 13, 1879

Edwin Austin Abbey writes to George Henry Boughton apologizing for not having said goodbye before leaving. Abbey further seeks forgiveness for having disliked Moncure Conway prior to formally meeting him with Boughton. Abbey describes the time he...

Location: I-Purchase-1954-2

Subject: Literary Pursuits, Personal and Family Life

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879

"Death of Hon. M. J. Parrott," by Anonymous
October 1879

An anonymous author writes this obituary for Marcus J. Parrott soon after his death in Dayton, Ohio on October 4, 1879. "Mr. Parrott," as the author observes, "was known all over Kansas as one of the most eloquent men in the state and when...

Location: I-Friends-2004-3

Subject: Personal and Family Life, Politics and Government

Format: Miscellaneous

Time Period: 1860-1879

Letter from Jacob Thompson to Jeremiah Black
November 27, 1879

Jacob Thompson, Secretary of the Interior in President James Buchanan's administration, writes Jeremiah Sullivan Black and asks for advice on what to do about the slander in John Bonner's Child's History of the United States. Black also...

Location: I-Friends-1991-12

Subject: Legal Affairs, Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879


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