WDCV Bluegrass T-shirt, c.2017

Black t-shirt with a blue stringed instrument design on the front and the words "Bluegrass @ Dickinson WDCV 88.3 FM" on the back. T-shirt was made for the annual Bluegrass on the Grass music festival hosted at Dickinson College.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00892

Location: Shelf 20 (with AC 00901, AC 00891, AC 00899)

Subject: Bluegrass on the Grass, T-shirt

Format: Clothing

Women’s Center t-shirt, 1987

T-shirt designed by Julie Brasser, a member of the Class of 1988, for Dickinson’s Women’s Center in 1987.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00691

Location: Shelf 16

Subject: T-shirt

Format: Clothing

Women’s Studies t-shirt, 1992

White cotton t-shirt printed with purple Women’s Studies Department logo. Distributed to Women’s Studies graduates from 1992-2008.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00583

Location: Shelf 22

Subject: T-shirt, Women's Studies

Format: Clothing


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