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ID Holder

Red vinyl ID holder with red lettering given out during student orientation.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Orientation, ID Card, Wallet, Student Life

Format: Miscellaneous

Dickinson College Plaque

The Dickinson College seal engraved on a circular bronze plaque.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Plaque, College Seal

Format: Plaques/Trophies


A brass metal mechanism with an exposed needle, raised half-circle meter and two current knobs mounted on a wooden base. A small silver metal plaque on the front of the instrument reads "CURRENT INDICATOR No. 122 CAPACITY 34 AMPERES PATENT...

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Scientific Equipment

Format: Scientific Equipment

Dickinson College Seal Pin

Gold college seal with red and white enamel circle around the College motto “Sigillum Collegii Dickinsonii.”

Decade: Unknown

Subject: College Seal

Format: Pins/Buttons

Pi Beta Phi Arrow Pin

Pi Beta Phi sorority pin awarded to Mabel B. Kirk.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Sorority Pin, Greek Life, Pins

Format: Pins/Buttons


A collapsible wooden fan with the slats connected by white fabric. On each slat there is a signature from a member of the Class of 1870.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Folding Fans

Format: Miscellaneous

Butter Dishes

Two sets of cut glass butter dishes with flower shaped handles, deep bowls, accompanying plates, and glass drains to separate ice from butter.  This set reportedly belonged to Joseph Priestley.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: dish set

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

Navy Chaplain Service Case, c.1950

A black faux leather case containing items for Christian religious services, belonging to Amos B. Horlacher.  Items include silver communion cups, a silver cross and, silver candle sticks as well as Bibles and religious texts.  The case is lined...

Decade: 1950-1959

Subject: Religion and Spirituality, Military, World War II

Format: Miscellaneous

Tintype of a family

Tintype of a family, with hand-painted colors in a green display box.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Photography, Tintype

Format: Artwork/Photography

Dickinson College Football Sweatshirt, c.1950

Red Dickinson football sweatshirt donated by Wilbur Gobrecht, class of 1952.

Decade: 1950-1959

Subject: Athletics, Sweatshirt

Format: Clothing

Air Gun Pellets

Sixteen small heavy metal balls each about a quarter inch in diameter.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Bullets

Format: Weapons

Christmas Tree Ornament

Gold metallic ornament containing college seal encircled by wreath.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: College Seal, Christmas Decorations

Format: Ornaments

Fabric Swatch

A reproduction by Scalamandre of an 18th century red and white printed fabric featuring the profile of John Dickinson.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Fabric

Format: Textiles

Glass Ashtray with the College Seal

A square glass ash tray featuring the college's seal in red and white on the bottom of the tray. Velva Diven Daihl was a member of the class of 1927. 

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Ashtray

Format: Miscellaneous

Dickinson College Banner

Red and white felt banner with college seal and "Dickinson College" on one side.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: College Flags

Format: Flags/Pennants/Banners


A black iron embosser with red and yellow painted designs featuring a stamp of the college seal.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Embosser

Format: Miscellaneous

College Seal Keyring

Brass colored, metal key ring with metal charm that features the college seal on the front. Reverse features the facade of Old West.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: West College (Old West), College Seal, Keychain

Format: Miscellaneous

Band Uniform Jacket

Red wool jacket with white trim and epaulets, silver buttons, and a college seal patch on the left shoulder.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Jacket, Uniform

Format: Clothing

Phi Beta Kappa Key Award

Phi Beta Kappa key awarded to Mabel B. Kirk.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Honor Societies, Key

Format: Pins/Buttons

Machete and Sheath

A short sword with a carved gray-green bone handle and a light brown embossed leather sheath.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Sword, Machete

Format: Weapons

Face of Pocket Watch

Internal mechanism of pocket watch with white face and gold pieces which purportedly belonged to James Buchanan.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Watch

Format: Jewelry

Naval Reserve Medal

A gold medal attached to a red, yellow and blue ribbon pin. On the front there is an image of an eagle spreading its wings. On the reverse side there is engraved text that reads "FAITHFUL SERVICE UNITED STATE NAVAL RESERVE". This object was owned...

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Award Medals, Military

Format: Currency/Medallions

Red Devil decals

Two decals of Red Devil sitting on a letter "D".

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Red Devil, Decal

Format: Miscellaneous

Priestley Scientific Glassware

Ten pieces of various scientific glassware owned and used by John Priestley for his experiements. The set includes several clear glass test tubes, flasks, "s" tubes, and a flask with a valve.

Decade: Unknown

Subject: scientific glassware

Format: Glassware/Ceramics, Scientific Equipment

Cupola and Mermaid Tie Pin

Tie pin shaped like the Old West Cupola with the Mermaid.  In the bottom center of the pin has the year "1773".

Decade: Unknown

Subject: Tie, Mermaid, West College (Old West), Pins

Format: Clothing, Jewelry, Pins/Buttons