LGBT History Project: LGBT-032 Lindsay Snowden Collection

LGBT-032 documents
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This collection contains materials related to STUDS Magazine: Handsomely Beautiful Women, a Harrisburg, PA area magazine that was published, written, and designed by Lindsay Snowden and Shaashawn Dial-Snowden, with contributions from others.  In addition to containing issues of the magazine, this collection includes wall calendars, a trophy, a t-shirt, and a DVD of an evening of entertainment sponsored by the magazine in 2009.  In addition, this collection documents the writings of Shaashawn Dial-Snowden in the form of two books and a spoken word CD.  It also includes a t-shirt and gym shorts from the Central PA Vipers, a women’s semiprofessional full contact football team, which was co-owned by Lindsay Snowden for a period of time. 

This collection is part of the LGBT Center of Central PA History Project. To learn more about this project and to view all of the collections in this project, please see this page.

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