Student Affairs / Registrar papers, 1783-1914

Matriculation book, 1849-1853 (RG 5/1 - 2.1.4)
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In the nineteenth century, the activities pertaining to admissions and student affairs were performed by the President of the College, with some assistance from the other faculty members. Inquiries concerning admissions were generally made directly to the President of the College. Members of the faculty (including the President) supervised students both inside and outside the classroom. Besides taking attendance, delivering lectures, and grading students, faculty members also monitored students’ behavior and managed the financial accounts of underage students. Communications with parents and other day to day affairs were handled directly by faculty members. This state of affairs lasted until the early twentieth century, when the College began establishing separate offices to handle the necessary paperwork for running an institution of higher learning with an ever increasing enrollment. For ease of access, the following Student Affairs/Registrar papers, representing the period prior to the modern college office system, have been assembled into one record group.

The Student Affairs/Registrar 1783-1914 Record Group is organized into seven series:

Series 1 - General Student Affairs
Series 2 - Matriculation/Registrar
Series 3 - Attendance and Deportment
Series 4 - Grades
Series 5 - Student-Patron Accounts
Series 6 - Individual Students
Series 7 - Admissions

This Record Group contains all of the student records for individual students, student petitions and disciplinary actions, grades, matriculation and enrollment information, and student-patron account information. Any lists or reports produced by the Treasurer or otherwise reported to the Board of Trustees are stored separately within those record groups. Some items concern both the College and the Grammar School; such items are listed with the other College materials. In cases where there are distinct separations between College and Grammar School materials, such items are divided into sub-series accordingly.

RG 5/1