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William Trickett (1840-1928)

William Trickett was born on June 9, 1840 in the English Midlands town of Leicester. When he was very young his family moved from England to Philadelphia where he lived until he entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1866. Two...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty, Honorary Degree
Year: Class of 1868
Henry Vethake (1791-1866)

Henry Vethake was born in British Guiana, in what was then the county of Essequibo, on May 26, 1791 to a family of Westphalian educators. His father, Fredrich Albert von Vethake, taught for a time at Vassar College. Henry arrived in Boston in...

College Relationship: Faculty
Ernest A. Vuilleumier, c.1945

Ernest Vuilleumier was born on March 1, 1894 in New York City, New York. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1914 and obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Berne, Switzerland through a 1916 Rosengarten traveling fellowship....

College Relationship: Faculty, President
Francis W. Warlow, c.1960

Francis Warlow was born in Philadelphia the son of A. Judson and Mathilde Warlow on July 29, 1909. He was educated at schools in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland before earning his undergraduate degree at the Johns Hopkins...

College Relationship: Faculty
Erastus Wentworth (1813-1886)

Erastus Wentworth was born in Stonington, Connecticut on August 5, 1813. He was educated at local and Congregationalist schools until at eighteen he converted to Methodism at a revival. He attended the Cazenovia Seminary beginning in 1832 and by...

College Relationship: Faculty
John William Williams (1880-1908)

John William Williams was born on September 12, 1880, in Ocean View, Delaware. He was the son of Reverend W. S. H. and Catharine Williams. He attended preparatory school at Wilmington Conference Academy in Dover, Delaware, before entering...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1904
Professor Herbert Wing with students, c.1960

Herbert Wing, Jr. was born on December 8, 1889 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard University in 1909 and went on to the University of Wisconsin, where he received his Ph...

College Relationship: Faculty, Honorary Degree
Henry J. Young, 1973

Henry James Young (friends jokingly put a comma between the middle and last names) was born February 16, 1908, in York, Pennsylvania. His family were comfortably placed; in passing he sometimes mentioned a German maid. Orphaned in his teens, he...

College Relationship: Faculty


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