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Ball, Charles

Charles Ball, who endured many hardships as a slave and as a fugitive on his journey to freedom, tells his personal story with the assistance of a Mr. Fisher.

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Buchanan, James

James Buchanan outlines the development of the great crisis that culminated in the outbreak of the Civil War at the end of his presidency. He places the polarizing issue of slavery at the center of turmoil, commenting on decades of hardening...

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Buchanan, James; John Bassett Moore (editor)

Compiled and edited by John Bassett Moore, this twelve-volume set of the collected letters and speeches of James Buchanan, spanning his entire political career, includes both personal and professional documents.

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Conway, Moncure Daniel

Moncure Conway presents his long-planned biography of the misunderstood Anglo-American revolutionary and fellow deist Thomas Paine, a man Conway had admired for decades.

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Conway, Moncure Daniel

Moncure Conway, an influential observer and participant in much of English-speaking intellectual life for half a century, presents an account of his life, drawn together towards the end of his eventful days.

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Crooks, George R.

George Crooks weaves together the life of a Methodist pastor, educator, and advocate of emancipation with words drawn from his journals and letters. This biography follows John McClintock's life chronologically and outlines in detail such pivotal...

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Curtis, George Ticknor

The executor of the estate of James Buchanan selected George T. Curtis to write this two-volume biography of the fifteenth president.

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Douglass, Frederick

Frederick Douglass recounts his personal experiences as a slave.

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Douglass, Frederick

Frederick Douglass offers an autobiographical account of his life both as a slave and later as a free man.

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Gilbert, Olive

Olive Gilbert relates the personal experiences of Sojourner Truth, from her early life as a slave in New York to her adult life and her active role as an abolitionist.

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Henson, Josiah

Josiah Henson offers an autobiographical account of his life as a slave.

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Himes, Charles Francis

Retired scientist, educator, and amateur historian Charles F. Himes combines his interests with a short but studied life of Thomas Cooper, one of his famous predecessors on the Dickinson College faculty.

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Hinton, Richard Josiah

In this full biography of John Brown, Richard J. Hinton also includes substantial information on many of Brown’s fellow Harper’s Ferry raiders.

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King, Horatio

Horatio King, ex-Postmaster General of the United States, writes this biography of James Buchanan as both a defense of and a memorial to the fifteenth president.

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Lundy, Benjamin; Thomas Earle, compiler

Thomas Earle recounts the life of Benjamin Lundy, an active abolitionist who traveled about the young United States and the western territories.

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Miller, Samuel

Using many original letters and documents, Samuel Miller crafts a biography of his mentor, the Scottish Presbyterian minister and first president of Dickinson College, Charles Nisbet.

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Neill, William

This short autobiography of William Neill, a longtime Presbyterian minister, educator and college president, is supplemented with appreciations and the complete reproduction of a selection of his sermons.

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Popel, Esther

Popel discusses some of her experience regarding race in the United States.

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Redpath, James

In this biography published shortly after the execution of John Brown, James Redpath recounts the life of the leader of the famed Harpers Ferry raid.

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Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin

Journalist Franklin B. Sanborn offers a biographical account of his friend John Brown, and includes in his work correspondence between Brown and other prominent figures of his time.

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Society of Friends

The pamphlet tells the story of a woman named Elizabeth who was born in 1766. It is an autobiographical account from when she was 97 years old with notes from the publisher at the end. She addresses the impact of the early separation from her...

Allen Tanner in France - (1927)
Tanner, Allen C.

These images are from the collection of Illinois-born pianist Allen C. Tanner (1898-1987) who lived in France from 1924 to 1934. This collection reflects Tanner’s interactions with members of his family, as well as with musicians, artists, and...

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Tyler, Samuel

With prior approval of the Chief Justice himself, Samuel Tyler authors a biographical account of his colleague Roger Brooke Taney.

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Woolman, John

An autobiographical account of the life of John Woolman, describing his travels in Africa, America and England. The work focuses on Woolman’s arguments against slavery and his relationship with the Society of Friends.


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