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50th Reunion of the Class of 1887

Alumni from the Class of 1887 pause for a photo during their 50th Class Reunion in 1937.

Left to right:  Henry Dorsey Etchison, Daniel Bailey Brandt, Max Louis Mitchell, Thomas Eyster Vale, Samuel Eagle Forman, Eugene Chaney, Zatae Longsdorf (Straw), Elisha Mode Vale, Jacob Cyrus...

50th Reunion of the Class of 1904

The Class of 1904 celebrate at their 50th reunion.

Left to right:  CGB, New York Superior Court Judge Towers, Prof. Mark, Mrs. Isabell Lowengard, George Reed, Miss White, Ivo Otto, Rev. Webster

55 Plus Year Reunion

Alumni from the Classes of 1930 and 1931 make up the Golden Alumni Class on June 7, 1986.

Top row L to R:  Melvin Shields, Kenneth Boohar, Joseph Storlazzi, Ralph Sheetz

Middle row:  [unknown], [unknown], Bill Lockwood, Edgar Kohnstamm, Harold Weigel, Burg Anstine...

55 Plus Year Reunion

Alumni from several years come together to celebrate the Golden Alumni Class in 1987.

A Horse-Drawn Carriage in the 175th Anniversary Parade, 1948

A horse-drawn carriage in the Dickinson College 175th Anniversary Parade on April 24, 1948.

Aardvarks, 1982

The members of Aardvarks in summer 1982.

Front Row (left to right): David Egolf, Kevin Laws, John Booth.

Second Row: Lisa Pawelski, Jane Schwerdtfeger, Greg Alman.

Third Row: Prof. Priscilla Laws, Charles Clinton.

Top Row:  John...

Henry Winslow Abbett, 1860

Henry Winslow Abbett is a member of the Class 1860.

James Knox Abbott, 1950

James Knox Abbott (Class of 1950) poses for a picture with a football.

Alice Margaret Abbott, 1942

View as Alice Margaret Abbott (Class of 1942) stands next to an airplane and holds the propeller.

The typed note on the reverse side reads: "First co-ed ever to play on a men's varsity team (tennis) at Dickinson."

Academic Procession at Commencement, c.1955

Professor David I. Gleim carries the college mace as he leads the academic procession at a Commencement around 1955. President William Edel ('15) and Boyd Lee Spahr ('00) are directly behind Professor Gleim.

Academic Procession at Commencement, 1966

The academic procession walks through the academic quad to Old West during Commencement on June 5, 1966.

Academic procession at Commencement, 1972

View of the academic procession at Commencement on May 21, 1972. English Professor Robert Bowden is holding the flag and Philosophy Professor Frederick Ferre is the macebearer. President Howard Lane Rubendall ('31) is standing behind Dr. Ferre.

Academic Procession at Commencement, 1978

President Howard Rubendall ('31) stands behind the macebearer with other faculty members during the academic procession at Commencement on June 1, 1975.

Henry Steele Commager, a History Professor at Amherst College, is standing next to Rubendall. Commager delivers the Commencement address...

Academic Procession at Commencement, 1977

Father Theodore Hesburgh (left), who receives an honorary Doctor of Sacred Theology, walks with Trustee Samuel Witwer (Class of 1930) in the academic procession at Commencement on May 15, 1977. 

Religion Professor Dan Bechtel, wearing sunglasses, is behind Witwer.

Academic Procession at Commencement, 1987

A family watches the academic procession at Commencement on May 17, 1987.

Academic procession at President Rubendall's Inauguration, 1961

View of the academic procession during President Howard Rubendall's inauguration on October 28, 1961.

William Ackerman, 1936

William Ackerman, a member of the Class of 1936, crouches down to pose for a photo.

William Ackerman, 1936

William "Bill" Ackerman is a member of the Class of 1936 and captain of the football team. 

Adams Hall, 1963

View of Adams Hall in June 1963.

Adams Hall, c.1975

View of Adams Hall around 1975.

Adams Hall, c.1980

View of Adams Hall around 1980. Witwer Hall and the Allison United Methodist Church are also visible in the background.

Adams Hall common room, 1964

Students relax in one of the common rooms in Adams Hall in 1964.

Adams Hall construction, 1962

View of Adams Hall under construction in August 1962.

Adams Hall interior, 1963

View of a common room inside Adams Hall on July 2, 1963.

Harold E. Adams, 1938

Harold E. Adams, a member of the Class of 1938, plays football.


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