Photographic Print, B&W

Baird Biology Building, 1953

View of the Baird Biology Building in October 1953.

Baird Biology Building display cases, c.1950

Display cases in the Baird Biology Building around 1950.

Baird Biology Building office, c.1950

An office in the lower level of the Baird Biology Building.

Baird Biology Building parking lot, c.1965

The parking lot behind Baird Biology Building around 1965. A 1958 Triumph TR3 convertible, a 1961-1963 Ford Thunderbird, and a 1952-1956 Ford F-Series pickup truck are parked in the lot.

Baird Biology Building work area

Work area in the Baird Biology Building around 1950.

Spencer Fullerton Baird, c.1880

Former Professor Spencer Fullerton Baird is a member of the Class of 1840.

Victor Ferdinand Baiz, 1928

Victor Ferdinand Baiz plays football and is a member of the Class of 1928.

Charles McCoy Baker, 1893

Charles McCoy Baker is a member of the Class of 1893.

Franklin Thomas Baker, 1891

Franklin Thomas Baker, a member of the Class of 1885, around 1890.

Helen Margaret Baker, 1934

Helen Margaret Baker is a member of the Class of 1934.

Paul Wesley Baker Jr., c.1960

Paul Wesley Baker Jr. is a member of the Class of 1957.

William L. Baker, 1991

Professor of Economics William L. Baker in 1991.

Benjamin Franklin Ball, 1860

Benjamin Franklin Ball is a member of the Class of 1860.

Band at Homecoming game, 1952

View as the band performs on Biddle field during half time at the Homecoming game against Gettysburg on November 8, 1952. A group of cheerleaders are visible on the sideline. 

Banjo club, c.1890

Members of the Banjo club pose with their instruments around 1890.

Seated on floor: J. R. Heberling ('91), R. E. McAlarney ('93)

Middle Row: C. W. Mix, Charles E. Pettinos ('92), C. E. McGirk ('92)

Standing: H. M. Stephens ('92), G. M. Hays ('93)...

Manley E. Banks, 1990

Political Science professor Manley Banks on August 28, 1990.

President Samuel and Judy Banks, c.1980

President Samuel Banks walks with his wife, Judy, in the academic quad. Old West is in the background. 

Donald Edward Barber, 1953

Donald Edward Barber is a member of the Class of 1953.

Kathleen W. Barber, c.1980

Kathleen Barber, tennis coach and Professor of Physical Education, with students in the gym around 1980.

Kathleen W. Barber, 1987

Physical Education professor and tennis coach Kathleen Barber in 1987.

Theresa Barber, c.1995

Psychology professor Theresa Barber around 1995.

Christine Barbone, c.1980

Christine Barbone ('81) waits to start a race.

Albert F. Barbush, 1938

Albert Francis Barbush is a member of the Class of 1938.

Lee Wilmer Baric, c.1965

View as Mathematics professor Lee W. Baric smokes his pipe around 1965.

Lee Wilmer Baric, c.1980

View as Math Professor Lee Wilmer Baric (Class of 1956) points at the blackboard during a class.


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