James, Benjamin D.

Benjamin D. James Chairing Cermony, 1956

Benjamin D. James is chaired as the head of physical education department in 1956.  The professors holding the chair from left to right are Donald Graffam, Horace Rogers, George Shuman, Cliff Mayfield, and Charles Peterson. 

Convocation, 1983

A group of facutly and trustees pose for a picture at Convocation on August 30, 1983.

Seated from left to right: Joe Brenner, Ruth Spangler, William Masland, Whit Bell, and Alerander Rush.

Standing from left to right...

Fiftieth year diploma

Ben James and Lloyd Hughes receive their 'Fiftieth Year Diploma' as the Class of 1934 holds their Fiftieth Reunion.

L to R:  Benjamin D. James, Lloyd W. Hughes

Football Team, 1931

Posed picture of the 1931 football team.

First row: Joseph F. Lipinski, Robert Williams, William P. Lehman, Edward E. Johnson (Captain), Theodore F. Eichhorn, Charles E. Myers, Kenneth J. Kennedy

Second row:...

Football Team, 1942

The football team fo 1942, the only football team to form during World War Two, poses for a picture.

First row: S. Francis Melcher (Manager), James Prescott III, Charles S. Brown, Steward H. Hartman, Abner H. Bagenstose, J. Fred Dittman (...

Benjamin D. James Center dedication ceremony, 1987

Benjamin James ('34) unveils the plaque during the dedication ceremony of the Benjamin D. James Center on October 17, 1984.

Benjamin D. James Center dedication ceremony, 1987

View of the dedication ceremony for the Benjamin D. James Center on October 17, 1987. Benjamin D. James ('34) is at the podium.

Launch of S.S. Dickinson Victory, 1945

Several people celebrate the launch of the S.S. Dickinson Victory at Terminal Island, California on February 9, 1945.

Left to Right: Lt (jg) Benjamin D. James ('34) US Navy Reserve, Mrs. Oswald Granicher, Major Charles W...

Men's Basketball Team, 1933

The 1933 Dickinson basketball team takes a group photograph.

First row: Robert J. Finney, Charles H.B. Kennedy, J. Milton Davidson, Joseph F. Lipinski (Captain), Percy C. Wilson, Leon R. Sloan, A. James Reeves


Raven's Claw, 1994

Ben James class of 1934 leading the Raven's Claw "Caw, caw, caw" cheer in 1994.

Raven's Claw, 1997

Ben James class of 1934 looks on as new Raven's Claws try out their caw cheer.

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