Brian Whalen Papers

The Aleph: A Journal of Global Perspectives (No. 2)

The Aleph: A Journal of Global Perspectives features student essays and images about the conversation between cultures while abroad.

"The Exchange Student Survival Kit," by Bettina Hansel

The Exchange Student Survival Kit by Bettina Hansel is a guide for high school exchange students and college study abroad students participating in a home stay.

The Institute of European Studies MAP for Study Abroad

The IES MAP for Study Abroad is a tool for designing and evaluating study abroad programs. MAP is an abbreviation for Model Assessment Practice. The Institute for the International Education of Students published the fourth edition in...

Open Doors: Report on International Educational Exchange

A statistical report of the Institute of International Education (IIE) concerning student mobility trends of American students in foreign programs and international students in U.S. programs.

Educating Global Citizens in College and Universities

Peter Stearns analyzes the major aspects of global education in American higher education institutions in Educating Global Citizens in College and Universities: Challenges and Opportunities.

IIE White Paper Series, "Promoting Study Abroad in the Science and Technology Fields" (No. 5)
March 2009

The Institute of International Education published "Promoting Study Abroad in the Science and Technology Fields" as part of their Study Abroad White Paper Series. This series is aimed at expanding the capacity and diversity of study abroad...

U.S. - India Higher Education Summit
October 13, 2011

The agenda for the U.S. - India Higher Education Summit that took place at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. on October 13, 2011.  The summit was aimed to promote study abroad program development between the United States and India.

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NAFSA Report on International Education

The 2012 edition of Internationalizing the Campus: Profiles of Success at College and Universities is the tenth annual NAFSA report on international education.  It reviews eight institutions of higher education that have accomplished...

Letter from Carmen Aponte to Brian Whalen
April 16, 2012

Carmen G. Aponte, Regional Liaison Officer for the U.S. Department of State, writes to Dr. Brian Joseph Whalen about his grant to lecture on "Standards of Good Practice in Study Abroad" in Brazil.  

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