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"How to Read Study Abroad Literature," by Lily von Klemperer
December 1974

Lily von Klemperer explains how to interpret vague - or purposefully misleading - language sometimes found on advertisements and brochures.

Study Abroad- Did You Know? (Dickinson College)

A list of the most frequently asked questions by students applying to study abroad through Dickinson College. This list answers questions related to where the students can study, how to begin the process, language requirements, length of study,...

Letter from Lily Von Klemperer to Marvin Slind
November 17, 1984

Lily von Klemperer thanks Marvin Slind for for his efforts and praises the success of the 1984 NAFSA National Conference. Lily von Klemperer, who delivered the keynote address at the conference, also wrote Slind other letters as she prepared the...

Speech for 1st Lily von Klemperer Award
April 27, 1988

This speech was read at the first presentation of the Lily von Klemperer Award at NAFSA's National Conference in May 1988.  Lily von Klemperer was the first recipient of the award.

Collection: Marvin Slind Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Minutes of SECUSSA National Team Meeting
October 2, 1988

The minutes from the SECUSSA National Team Meeting in 1988. The issues discussed during the meeting included the NAFSA code of ethics, student concerns with the French Consulate, and upcoming field service opportunities.

SECUSSA Statement on AIDS and International Education Issues
Janurary 1989

SECUSSA released this revised statement in January 1898 about the possibility of contracting AIDS while studying abroad. The statement includes suggested criteria about how to improve student awareness as well as prevention techniques.

TRACE Brochure

This pamphlet is an introduction to TRACE, an online database for the storing and sharing of study abroad information.  NAFSA considered implementing the software in 1990, but TRACE today is no longer in operation.

"A National Mandate for Education Abroad: Getting On With The Task"
May 1990

This project from the National Task Force on Undergraduate Study Abroad, which was composed of NAFSA, CIEE, and IEE members, was part of an effort to develop new policies on diversity, financial concerns, and program expansion.

Memo from Jane Cary on Terrorist Threats in Italy
November 14, 1990

Jane Cary, the Region XI SECUSSA Rep, sends this memo in November 1990 about terrorist threats in Florence, Italy. An Italian revolutionary group threatens to "strike heavily" against American interests in Italy in response to escalation in the...

Minority Experience of Study Abroad
June 1991

Brown University students wrote this collection of short reflections to describe their study abroad experience.  The Office of International Programs at Brown published the booklet as part of an effort to address concerns among minority students...

Recommendation to the CIEE Professional Affairs Committee
June 3, 1992

Marvin Slind recommends that the University of Ohio be accepted as a member of the Council on International Educational Exchange(CIEE).  Provides insight into the process of a state university working to build a study abroad program.

Foreign Educational Systems: Future Directions in Research and Information Management
July 1989

This report evaluates the potential of new internet database technologies, citing research papers written for the 1989 NAFSA Field Service Symposium.

NAFSA Region IV - Winter 1990
February 1990

The quarterly newsletter for NAFSA Region VI, which includes schools in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

Proposed Amendment to the Higher Education Act of 1965 (Draft)
June 1990

This draft of a proposed amendment to the Higher Education Act of 1965, which is sponsored by NAFSA and the Council on International Educational Exchange, expands access to students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to participate in...

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