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European Adventure Pack

This article by Reed Alvord for Reader's Digest discusses an incident in which 3,500 students studying abroad were left stranded throughout Europe after "the sudden bankruptcy of a flimsily structured study-tour agency". The article...

"Language Teaching in the Foreign Setting," by David Kaufman
May 1976

This resource paper for the Section on US Student's Abroad (SECUSSA) Professional Day discusses challenges associated with learning a language in a foreign place. The author of the paper also offers advice for scheduling, structuring, and pacing...

"Overcoming Eurocentrism: Mexico Presents Special Opportunities," by Katherine Krebs
January/February 1993

An excerpt from the article "Overcoming Eurocentrism: Mexico Presents Special Opportunities" by Katherine Krebs in the January/February issue of Transitions magazine. Krebs discusses the stigmas associated with Mexico for American...

Occasional Papers on International Educational Exchange #30
November 1993

Occasional Papers on International Exchange are a series of essays published intermittently by the Council on International Educational Exchange that focus on varying research topics related to the professionalization of the study abroad...

The Aleph: A Journal of Global Perspectives (No. 2)

The Aleph: A Journal of Global Perspectives features student essays and images about the conversation between cultures while abroad.

Foreign Educational Systems: Future Directions in Research and Information Management
July 1989

This report evaluates the potential of new internet database technologies, citing research papers written for the 1989 NAFSA Field Service Symposium.

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