Dickinson Alumnus, February 1945

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • The S.S. Dickinson Victory, named in honor of Dickinson College, was launched in California.
  • The US Navy signed an agreement with Dickinson to house up to 500 sailors in Conway Hall .
  • Dr. Thomas S. Dunning (class of 1874), the oldest alumnus, died at the age of 94.
  • Commander Reuben L. Sharp (class of 1922) and Private First Class Lester T. Etter (class of 1934) received the Bronze Star Medal. 
  • Several alumni were killed in action, including Lt. John T. S. Och (class of 1937), Captain A. Leonard Hymes (class of 1935), Lt. Charles C. Nickel (class of 1937), Lt. John Robert Herdic (class of 1944), and PFC Frank Evans Jr. (class of 1946).
  • The Alumnus reprinted Norris M. Mumper's (class of 1912) article "New Hemisphere Airports Unite The Americas," which had originally appeared in the US Navy Magazine.