Dickinson Alumnus, September 1947

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Bishop Fred Pierce Corson (class of 1917), former President of Dickinson, was appointed by the Secretary of War to a clergy commission charged with inspecting the United States' occupation activities in Europe.
  • Morris E. Swartz (class of 1923) described how a popular Methodist Hymn (No. 245) was composed in Carlisle.
  • Benjamin D. James (class of 1934) was appointed Dean of the freshmen class and Director of Admissions. 
  • The College planned to build a new recreation and class room building located behind the Alumni Gymnasium.
  • Rev. Howell O. Wilkins (class of 1944) attended the Second World Conference of Christian Youth in Norway and the first Youth Department of the World Council of Churches in Sweden.