Chi Omega

Chi Omega Ashtray, c.1950

Ceramic ashtray with white glaze and the Chi Omega crest.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00854

Location: Shelf 25

Subject: Ashtray

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

Chi Omega Beer Stein, 1959

Ceramic beer stein with Chi Omega sorority's symbol on the front and 'Dickinson College' printed on the top. '1959' printed in the middle through the symbol. Belonged to George Kessler Livezey III (Class of 1959).    

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00840

Location: Shelf 14 (housed with AC 00834, AC 00835, AC 00839, AC 00841, AC 00842, AC 00843)

Subject: Greek Life, Sororities, Stein

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

Chi Omega Beer Stein, 1972

A cream-colored ceramic beer stein with the Chi Omega Crest and the text “Dickinson 1972”  on the front and  "Nancy" in black on the back.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00520

Location: Shelf 19

Subject: Stein, Greek Life

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

Chi Omega sorority ring, c.1915

Gold ring with sorority letters in black setting which belonged to Beatrice Carmitchell and her daughter, Nan Stover.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00179

Location: Shelf 26 (housed with AC 00161 - AC 00180)

Subject: Greek Life

Format: Jewelry

Marion Bell's Chi Omega Mug, 1946

A white ceramic mug with the college name, date, and Chi Omega insignia on the front. The name “Marion V. Bell" is printed on the back in black.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00137

Location: Shelf 21 (housed with AC 00138)

Subject: Mug

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

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