Horatio Collins King’s Civil War Journal
October 31, 1864 - November 15, 1865

Horatio Collins King, serving as the divisional quartermaster under General Philip Sheridan, describes cavalry activities in the Shenandoah Valley during the final months of the Civil War. In addition, King discusses the adjustments he made in returning to civilian life in New York after the war...

Horatio Collins King’s Saber and Scabbard

View of Horatio Collins King’s Saber and Scabbard, circa 1861.

Instructions for Officers Leave of Absence to John Hays II
May 7, 1863

The War Department issues these regulations for officers like First Lieutenant John Hays II who receive permission to go on leave from the Union Army. Hays' copy of the regulations refer to a disability report that had also been issued on May 7, 1863.

John Black Discharge Certificate
June 19, 1865

The Official U.S. Army Discharge Certificate for John Black Jr. (Class of 1862) notes that he worked as a hospital steward from May 14, 1864 to June 19, 1865. While he filled this role during the second half of the war, Black originally served as 1st Sergeant of Company C, 122nd Pennsylvania, as...

John Black in Uniform, 1862

John Black Jr., a member of the class of 1862, serves as First Sergeant of Company C, 122nd Pennsylvania Infantry in 1862. He takes part in the Battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

John Black, Jr., c.1860

View of John Black Jr. (Class of  1862) around 1860.

John Hays II, 1862
December 1862

View of John Hays II (Class of 1857) in December 1862. He is wearing his officer's uniform with the 1st Lieutenant insignia. The photograph is from C. L. Lochman's studio in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Letter from Conway W. Hillman to James H. Morgan
September 9, 1930

Conway Hillman ('73), the son of a Dickinson College Professor Samuel Dickinson Hillman ('50), writes to James H. Morgan in 1930 to discuss his memories of the college, the Confederate invasion, and the shelling of Carlisle. Conway recalls events specifically regarding his father, including one...

Letter from Theodore M. Johnson to James H. Morgan
February 26, 1933

Theodore M. Johnson writes to Dickinson College President James H. Morgan and describes the cordial greeting between his father, Dickinson College President Herman M. Johnson, and a Col. Wilson of the Confederate army in 1863. Theodore notes that Col. Wilson accepted request that the college not...

Mustering in Papers for Lt. John Hays II
August 1, 1862

The mustering papers for Lieutenant John Hays II (Class of 1857), who mustered in on August 1, 1862, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Captain W. B. Lane of the 3rd US Cavalry signs this document, which allows Hays to muster in more recruits to William Porters Company of Pennsylvania Volunteers. The...

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