John Black Discharge Certificate
June 19, 1865

The Official U.S. Army Discharge Certificate for John Black Jr. (Class of 1862) notes that he worked as a hospital steward from May 14, 1864 to June 19, 1865. While he filled this role during the second half of the war, Black originally served as 1st Sergeant of Company C, 122nd Pennsylvania, as...

John Hays II Discharge Certificate
May 21, 1863

First Lieutenant John Hays II, Adjutant of the 130th Pennsylvania Volunteers, receives this discharge certificate on May 21, 1863 while at Camp Curtin in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Colonel Levi Maish is the commanding officer of the 130th Pennsylvania and his signature appears at the bottom of...

Robert Hays Discharge Certificate
August 12, 1863

The Official U.S. Army Discharge Certificate for Quartermaster Sergeant Robert Hays notes that he served in the 158th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers from October 11, 1862 to August 12, 1863. Hays was discharged in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania as a result of his "expiration of service."

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