Broadside of “Conditions of Peace Required of the So-Called Seceded States”
April 24, 1861

This broadside, “Conditions of Peace Required of the So-Called Seceded States,” is posted in New York City on April 24, 1861.

The handwritten note at the top of the broadside reads: This was written by Prof. Olmstead and tacked up in New York City 11 P.M. at a time when it was...

Carlisle Morning Bulletin - April 19, 1861
April 19, 1861

The Carlisle Morning Bulletin, which is published by the Carlisle Democrat, includes the latest developments on the secession crisis. The reports in this issue focus on the aftermath of Major Robert Anderson's decision to surrender Fort Sumter, Virginia's secession from the...

Circular Letter from President Herman M. Johnson
April 24, 1861

President Herman M. Johnson issues this circular letter as additional southern states secede after Fort Sumter and asks that Dickinson College students return to Carlisle. While "the excitement which has arisen from the sudden outbreak of the war" was "considerable for two or three days,"...

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