Broadsides and Posters

Broadside and Newspaper Clippings of "The Draft in Cumberland County"
August 14, 1863

This broadside lists individuals drafted in Cumberland County on August 14, 1863 to serve “for a period of three years, or during the war.” The names are listed according to sub-districts, representing townships and wards of the county. In addition, the mounted newspaper clippings include...

Broadside of "Citizens of Cumberland Valley!" Call to Arms
July 3, 1863

This broadside, likely distributed throughout Cumberland County, calls for all able men to enlist. It describes atrocities committed by the Confederates while in the Cumberland Valley region, and records that “the citizens of this valley are loyal to the heart’s core.” The scene at Carlisle...

Broadside of “Conditions of Peace Required of the So-Called Seceded States”
April 24, 1861

This broadside, “Conditions of Peace Required of the So-Called Seceded States,” is posted in New York City on April 24, 1861.

The handwritten note at the top of the broadside reads: This was written by Prof. Olmstead and tacked up in New York City 11 P.M. at a time when it was...

Broadside of "General Orders No. 72"
June 21, 1863

These Confederate Army general orders, from General Robert E. Lee to Lieut. General Richard Ewell, are posted publicly in Carlisle and provides specific procedures for the voluntary procurement of supplies, involuntary seizure, receipt information, as well as officer clearances for such duties...

Broadside of "Special Order, No. 1"
September 15, 1862

General John F. Reynolds issues this order on September 15, 1862 to provide instructions related to the Army's impressment of horses owned by civilians. C. Kingsbury Jr. is the Assistant Adjutant-General.

The order reads: I. Hereafter no Horses will be Impressed into the Service...

Broadside of "To the Veterans of Cumberland County!"
July 6, 1864

Major General Darius Nash Couch’s message, which is posted in Carlisle on July 6, 1864 by a E. M. Biddle, asks Cumberland County veterans “to assemble at Chambersburg,” Pennsylvania and be ready “to take orders from” Governor Andrew Curtin.

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