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Carlisle Herald, "Proclamation by the Governor"
September 11, 1862

The Carlisle Herald publishes Pennsylvania Governor Andrew G. Curtin's proclamation on September 11, 1862 in which he calls for "able-bodied loyal men of Pennsylvania" to join military companies in response to the threat of Confederate forces at Hagerstown, Maryland. "By authority of...

Certificate of Exemption from the Draft for William Trickett
September 1, 1863

This certificate indicates that William Trickett, a member of the Class of 1868, is exempt from the draft and serving in the military. This document, officially a "Certificate of Non-Liability to be given by the Board of Enrollment," lists "paying commutation" as the reason why Trickett is no...

Eli Slifer Papers
1849 - 1871

Eli Slifer was a prominent businessman who was responsible for the recruitment and supplying of regiments from Pennsylvania during the Civil War. His letters contain his personal, as well as business correspondence with family, friends, business partners, military officials, and even Governor...

Instructions for Officers Leave of Absence to John Hays II
May 7, 1863

The War Department issues these regulations for officers like First Lieutenant John Hays II who receive permission to go on leave from the Union Army. Hays' copy of the regulations refer to a disability report that had also been issued on May 7, 1863.

John Black Discharge Certificate
June 19, 1865

The Official U.S. Army Discharge Certificate for John Black Jr. (Class of 1862) notes that he worked as a hospital steward from May 14, 1864 to June 19, 1865. While he filled this role during the second half of the war, Black originally served as 1st Sergeant of Company C, 122nd Pennsylvania, as...

John Hays II Brigade Adjutant General Orders
April 11, 1863

In this April 11, 1863 order from the headquarters of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac, acting brigade commander Colonel Levi Maish appoints "Lt. John Hays, Adjutant of the 130th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers" as the acting brigade Adjutant General.

John Hays II Commission, Adjutant with rank of First Lieutenant
February 18, 1863

This certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania appoints First Lieutenant John Hays II as the Adjutant of the 130th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers. The promotion is effective as of February 18, 1863. It is signed on March 11, 1863 by Eli Slifer, the Secretary of the Commonwealth...

John Hays II Commission, First Lieutenant of Volunteers
August 17, 1862

This certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania appoints John Hays II as the First Lieutenant of Company A, 130th Pennsylvania. The promotion is effective as of August 17, 1862. Eli Slifer, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, signed the certificate on October 29, 1862.

John Hays II Discharge Certificate
May 21, 1863

First Lieutenant John Hays II, Adjutant of the 130th Pennsylvania Volunteers, receives this discharge certificate on May 21, 1863 while at Camp Curtin in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Colonel Levi Maish is the commanding officer of the 130th Pennsylvania and his signature appears at the bottom of...

Leave of Absence for John Hays II
December 21, 1862

This order ("Special Order 96") provides Lieutenant John Hays II with six days of leave in order to "obtain officer's and regiment's property" that is stored in Washington D.C. and Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. The letter is written and signed by the Chief of Staff of the Second Corps, J. H....

Mustering in Papers for Lt. John Hays II
August 1, 1862

The mustering papers for Lieutenant John Hays II (Class of 1857), who mustered in on August 1, 1862, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Captain W. B. Lane of the 3rd US Cavalry signs this document, which allows Hays to muster in more recruits to William Porters Company of Pennsylvania Volunteers. The...

Permission slip to leave Union lines at Vicksburg
July 12, 1863

Major General Ulysses S. Grant signs this permission slip on July 12, 1863 that allows a Major Watts to leave Federal lines outside Vicksburg, Mississippi with one teamster, a shotgun, and twenty five rounds of ammunition.

Robert Hays Discharge Certificate
August 12, 1863

The Official U.S. Army Discharge Certificate for Quartermaster Sergeant Robert Hays notes that he served in the 158th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers from October 11, 1862 to August 12, 1863. Hays was discharged in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania as a result of his "expiration of service."

Robert Hays's Appointment as Quartermaster Sergeant
November 27, 1862

This certificate shows that Robert Hays' promotion to Quartermaster Sergeant of the 158th Pennsylvania Infantry is effective on November 27, 1862. This document is signed by Col. M'Kibben.

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