"After the Battle: The Bloody Lane, Antietam" (Photograph of the Painting)
August 28, 1889

This image is a photograph of a painting by Captain James Hope.

The caption reads: AFTER THE BATTLE. “Blood Lane, Antietam.” From the Original Painting by Cpt. James Hope, From a Sketch Taken by Him on the Spot.

"Civil War Times in Carlisle," by Merkel Landis
February 12, 1931

Merkel Landis provides a broad overview of what happened in Carlisle during the Civil War. Landis explores important political moments, including Presidential and local elections between 1860 and 1865, as well as describes how Carlisle residents respond to various events during the war.  These...

John Black in Uniform, 1862

John Black Jr., a member of the class of 1862, serves as First Sergeant of Company C, 122nd Pennsylvania Infantry in 1862. He takes part in the Battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

John Black, Jr., c.1860

View of John Black Jr. (Class of  1862) around 1860.

John Hays II, 1862
December 1862

View of John Hays II (Class of 1857) in December 1862. He is wearing his officer's uniform with the 1st Lieutenant insignia. The photograph is from C. L. Lochman's studio in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

John Taylor Cuddy Papers
June 1861 - April 1864

John Taylor Cuddy was born on October 17th, 1844 to the Cuddy family of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. At the onset of the American Civil War, Cuddy joined the local unit known as the “Carlisle Fencibles”. The Fencibles became Company A of the 7th Pennsylvania Reserves (PVRC), also known as the 36th...

John White Geary, 1862

John White Geary was a Union general during the Civil War, and later served two terms as Governor of Pennsylvania. This postage-stamp sized photograph was probably held in a small wooden case at one time.

Robert Hays, 1862

View of Robert Blaine Hays, the oldest son of John Hays I and Ellen Blains, in 1862. The photograph is from J. E. McClees' studio in Philadelphia.  Robert Hays serves as Quartermaster Sergeant of the 158th Pennsylvania during the Civil War. Robert's younger brother, John Hays II (Class of 1857...

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