Morgan, James Henry

Address to the "Association" by John Hays II

A speech by John Hays II to the “Association,” presumably a reunion group of the 130th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers. Hays recalls the Regiment’s involvement in the Battle of Antietam and offers his opinion on American intervention in World War I. W.F. Sadler, a local judge, is then...

Letter from Conway W. Hillman to James H. Morgan
September 9, 1930

Conway Hillman ('73), the son of a Dickinson College Professor Samuel Dickinson Hillman ('50), writes to James H. Morgan in 1930 to discuss his memories of the college, the Confederate invasion, and the shelling of Carlisle. Conway recalls events specifically regarding his father, including one...

Letter from Theodore M. Johnson to James H. Morgan
February 26, 1933

Theodore M. Johnson writes to Dickinson College President James H. Morgan and describes the cordial greeting between his father, Dickinson College President Herman M. Johnson, and a Col. Wilson of the Confederate army in 1863. Theodore notes that Col. Wilson accepted request that the college not...

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