Chambersburg, PA

"A Brief Experience as a Soldier during the Invasion of Pennsylvania," by William Peirsol
June 18 - July 20, 1863

William H. Peirsol served in the First Regiment of Gray Reserves of Philadelphia (32nd Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia) during the Civil War. After the war, Peirsol published his account of his service during the summer of 1863. Peirsol's account, which contains daily entries between June 18...

Broadside of "Special Order, No. 1"
September 15, 1862

General John F. Reynolds issues this order on September 15, 1862 to provide instructions related to the Army's impressment of horses owned by civilians. C. Kingsbury Jr. is the Assistant Adjutant-General.

The order reads: I. Hereafter no Horses will be Impressed into the Service...

Broadside of "To the Veterans of Cumberland County!"
July 6, 1864

Major General Darius Nash Couch’s message, which is posted in Carlisle on July 6, 1864 by a E. M. Biddle, asks Cumberland County veterans “to assemble at Chambersburg,” Pennsylvania and be ready “to take orders from” Governor Andrew Curtin.

Robert Hays Discharge Certificate
August 12, 1863

The Official U.S. Army Discharge Certificate for Quartermaster Sergeant Robert Hays notes that he served in the 158th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers from October 11, 1862 to August 12, 1863. Hays was discharged in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania as a result of his "expiration of service."

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