Sharpsburg, MD

"After the Battle: The Bloody Lane, Antietam" (Photograph of the Painting)
August 28, 1889

This image is a photograph of a painting by Captain James Hope.

The caption reads: AFTER THE BATTLE. “Blood Lane, Antietam.” From the Original Painting by Cpt. James Hope, From a Sketch Taken by Him on the Spot.

"Antietam: Outline of the Battle" by John Hays II
June 13, 1916

John Hays II ('57) gives a detailed description of the Battle of Antietam, in which he fought with the 130th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers. Hays mentions the death of James Smith Colwell, a Captain in the 7th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Reserves, who was a lawyer in Carlisle before the...

Address to Reunion of the 130th Pennsylvania by John Hays II

A speech by John Hays II to his former comrades in the 130th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, remarking on the Regiment’s “nine months’ trip from Harrisburg back to Harrisburg,” which was “full of tragedy and suffering with interludes that were jolly and jovial.” Hays specifically mentions...

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