Letter from Conway W. Hillman to James H. Morgan

Letter from Conway W. Hillman to James H. Morgan
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September 9, 1930

Conway Hillman ('73), the son of a Dickinson College Professor Samuel Dickinson Hillman ('50), writes to James H. Morgan in 1930 to discuss his memories of the college, the Confederate invasion, and the shelling of Carlisle. Conway recalls events specifically regarding his father, including one about giving a Rebel soldier his socks and shoes. Samuel Dickinson Hillman, who was a member of the Carlisle “Home Guard,” taught at Dickinson from 1860 to 1874. Conway mentions that when the Confederates occupied the town, they set up a hospital in East College and placed guards around West College to ensure that no harm would be done to the building. Conway notes how the Confederate bombardment of town a few days later damaged buildings in Carlisle as well as several on campus. "One [shell] hit South College just below the telescope," but as Conway notes, it "fortunately... was a fuse shell and did not explode." Conway also briefly mentions the Dickinson College student's rebellion of 1870. Transcript included.

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