Letter from George D. Chenoweth to James W. Marshall

Letter from George D. Chenoweth to James W. Marshall
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July 15, 1863

George D. Chenoweth describes the Confederate invasion, occupation, and shelling of Carlisle. He mentions leaving Carlisle before the raid, and the pleasure of finding none of their personal belongings disturbed upon his return. 12,000 men entered the town, setting up camp around the town and on the College’s campus. He writes of men thieving groceries, supplies, etc. from the town and townspeople, some of whom were taken prisoner until confessions were given as to the locations of supplies. After receiving news of the Union forces attacking near Gettysburg, the initial Rebel force left, to be replaced by a militia from Harrisburg.

Chenoweth also describes the shelling of the town by the Rebel cavalry overnight, where many homes were damaged and people took refuge in their basements. Others escaped the town for safer locations. The quickened nature of Commencement is also described. The Union victories in Gettysburg and Vicksburg are mentioned. Chenoweth then makes predictions concerning the “crushing [of] the rebellion.” Transcript included.

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