Letter from John K. Stayman to Edgar E. Hastings

Letter from John K. Stayman to Edgar E. Hastings
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July 1863

John Keagy Stayman writes to Edgar E. Hastings and describes Carlisle after the departure of Confederate troops. Stayman depicts Carlisle as a town in shambles after the invasion, but suggests that with a return to normal “the town will put on its usual appearance.” Stayman also mentions a hospital being set up at the college, and how the building will be emptied and ventilated before the fall session begins. He talks of the slight repairs needed to some buildings and the entire destruction of the Army Barracks. He explains that the draft is to occur in Carlisle, and ultimately hopes that “we should have no rebel scar... left upon the soil of Pennsylvania.” In addition, Stayman mentions seeing some of the wounded from the Gettysburg battlefield during a stint in Philadelphia. Transcript included.

Gift of A. Machemer