Letter from Richard Beale to William Smith

Letter from Richard Beale to William Smith
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July 7, 1864

Colonel Richard Lee Turberville Beale, commanding officer of the 9th Virginia Cavalry, writes to Virginia Governor William Smith and describes the actions of foragers who searched his house and his belongings. Beale (Dickinson Class of 1838) lists the lost items, and makes sure to mention that no harm was brought upon the women at his home. Beale also notes that this letter is intended "to correct exaggerated reports." At the time of his letter the 9th Virginia Cavalry was taking part in the 1864 invasion of Maryland, with the goal of capturing Washington D.C. Two days after this letter was written the 9th Virginia would engage the Feral Army at the Battle of Monocacy. The campaign would prove to be a failure. Transcript included.

Gift of Boyd Lee Spahr