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The Mermaid Players' inaugural production, "Ladies of the Jury," is an enormous success, its final performance being given the night of this publication. The college decides that all seniors taking Comprehensive Exams will be exempt from final exams in their major departments. Phi Kappa Sigma is...

Dickinsonian Front Page

The student body rejects a plan to join the National Student's Association. Marguerite Chalufour, a leader of the French resistance movement during World War II, speaks on campus about her experiences. The College Choir holds a Christmastime concert in Bosler Hall. Patty Johnson '51 is elected...

Dickinsonian Front Page

The Board of Trustees meets in Philadelphia and okays plans to establish a College radio station, creating a Committee on Radio to handle the task. The Board also approves plans to enlarge the stage and dressing rooms at Metzger Hall, announces that progress on a new girls' dormitory will be...


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