Letter from James Buchanan to Thomas Brice

Letter from James Buchanan to Thomas Brice
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February 26, 1842

Senator James Buchanan writes to Thomas Brice regarding how society values "mechanicks" and argues against cutting the salaries of members of Congress. Buchanan explains that Brice "underrates the estimation in which our mechanicks are held." "I know no man who now holds a more influential position in society than a respectable mechanick," as Buchanan notes.

While "reform in the expenditures of our Government" is necessary, Buchanan argues that Congressional salaries should not be reduced. "The pay of members of Congress ought not to be reduced so low that a poor man could not afford to live here and maintain his family at home," as Buchanan notes. If salaries were cut, Buchanan explains that "the powers of Legislation would thus be placed in the hands of those who could afford to serve for nothing." Transcript included.

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MC 1998.10, B2, F1
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