Class of 1954 is the Largest in D-son History

Fri., Sep. 15, 1950

Dickinson reached its largest freshman class in 1950. The freshman class of 1954 had a record number of 260 students. Among the 260 students in the freshman class, were 71 women. In addition to the record number of students coming at the freshman level, 18 new students were admitted above the freshman level. The complete student body exceeded 900 students that encompassed students from 12 states, Holland, Germany, Cuba, New Zealand, and Mexico. Benjamin D. James, Director of Admissions stated that a number of application had to be denied to lack of dormitory accommodations on campus. Although the student body exceed 900 students, J. Clair McCullough, acting-Dean of College, said that the number of students living on campus had decreased during this academic year due to the number of married veterans who lived off campus with their wives. During convocation on Thursday, September 21, 1950, President William W. Edel continued onto his fifth year as Dickinson College’s president.

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