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Twenty-fifth reunion of the Class of 1914

Alumni of the Class of 1914 gather for a group photo at their Twenty-fifth Reunion.

Twenty-fifth Reunion of the Class of 1926

Alumni of the Class of 1926 at their Twenty-fifth Reunion.

Two alumni chatting under the tent

Two members of the Class of 1928 chat at their Thirty-fifth Reunion.

L to R:  Vic Hann, Raymond Bell

Two Dickinsonians, c.1930

Two Dickinsonians stand in front of a car around 1930.

Henry E. Harner is a member of the Class of 1929 and Anna May Bell is a member of the Class of 1930.

Two History Professors, 1981

History Professors Warren J. Gates (left) and Stephen Weinberger in 1981.

Two Honorary Degree recipients at Commencement, 1941

Two Honorary degree recipients, Robert F. Rich '07 (left) and Robert H. Montgomery, shake hands during Commencement on June 9, 1941.

Two international students, c.1950

Two international students stand next to President Edel.

Two International students, 1958

Sergio Eduardo Garcia, '62 and Zachria Abendong, '61, stand together in the traditional dress of their countries.

Two Lacrosse players, 1900

Two lacrosse players pose with their sticks.

Two Lacrosse Players, 1958

Lacrosse players Don O'Neill (#51) and Sam Rose in April 1958.

Two Lacrosse Players, 1967

Two lacrosse players wearing jersey numbers 34 and 44 in 1967.

Two Officers at Their Desks, 1944

Two officers from the 32nd Army Air Detachment pose for a photo at their desks in 1944.

Two Phi Kappa Sigma brothers study, 1964

Two member of Phi Kappa Sigma study in their dorm room in 1964.

Two Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers, c.1910

Two Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers around 1910.

Two Soccer players, 1966

Henri Rauschenboch ('69) and Russell Lunnen ('69) in soccer team 1966.

Two students, 1928

Harold W. Weigel ('30) stands as Marlin Enders ('29) crawls between his legs. Weigel and Enders are roommates.

Two students at Cave Hill, c.1930

View of two students at Cave Hill around 1930. Herman Lane Forman (top) is a member of the Class of 1930 and Marlin Enders is a member of the Class of 1929.

Two Students at Commencement, c.1920

Two students in their caps and gowns at Commencement around 1920.

Two students at Commencement, 1992

Two students pose for a picture at Commencement on May 24, 1992.  The student on the left is Jen Blanck ('92).

Two students at Commencement, 1995

Two students stand at Commencement on May 21, 1995.

Two students at Commencement, 1996

Two student stand with a friend after Commencement on May 19, 1996. 

[Amy Philbin?], J. Benjamin Ryan, and Lenore Ann Cunningham (right)

Two students at Commencement, 2001

Two students stand in front of Old West after Commencement on May 20, 2001.

Two students in rocking chairs, c.1900

View as two students sit in rocking chairs, possibly in their dorm room, around 1900.

Two students outside the Alpha Chi Rho house, 1927

Alfred Marcus and Osmer Dixon Marshall, both members of the Class of 1928, sit outside the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity house on Sunday September 25, 1927.

The handwritten caption reads: "Les Penseurs" 

Two students studying, c.1900

View as two students study, possibly in a dorm room, around 1900.


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