Frederick, Rebecca

David F. Brubaker, 1983

Professor of Dramatic Arts and Modern Dance David Brubaker speaks with Rebecca Frederick, Class of 1984.

Mermaid Players, "The Way of the World," 1984

Drama Professor David Brubaker (center) stands with Kate (Kathy) Childress and Rebecca Frederick (right) on the set of the Mermaid Player's production of The Way of the World in April 1984.

Wheel and Chain, 1983

The members of Wheel and Chain on the steps of Old West in 1983.

Left-Right: Bambi Stambaugh, Victoria "Vickie" Young, Jennifer DeBerdine, Kathy Kelly, Sandy Kemp, Karen Procopia, Tracy [last name unknown], Vicky Schultz, Kathy Childress, Patterson [last name unknown], Rebecca...

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