Geiger Heckman, Anna Mabel

Anna Mabel Geiger Heckman, 1897

Tintype image of three female students.

Left, sitting: Anna Mabel Geiger Heckman (Class of 1897)

Group of Female Students, 1897

View of a group of female students.

Identified students include members of the Class of 1897: Anna Mabel Geiger Heckman (standing far left), Annie "Ruth" E. Miles Saulsbury (standing second from right), and Helen R. Horn Jordan (sitting far left).

Anna Mabel Geiger, 1897

Anna Mabel Geiger is a member of the Class of 1897.

Three female students, 1897

Photograph of female students from the Class of 1897.

Left to right: Helen R. Horn Jordan ; Annie "Ruth" E. Miles Saulsbury ; Anna Mabel Geiger Heckman

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