Kelly, Kathy

Wheel and Chain, 1983

The members of Wheel and Chain on the steps of Old West in 1983.

Left-Right: Bambi Stambaugh, Victoria "Vickie" Young, Jennifer DeBerdine, Kathy Kelly, Sandy Kemp, Karen Procopia, Tracy [last name unknown], Vicky Schultz, Kathy Childress, Patterson [last name unknown], Rebecca...

Women's Club Soccer, 1980

The Women's Soccer Club in 1980.

Front Row (left to right): Kathy Kelly, Chad Atkinson, Sally Anderson, Ngaire Strack, Joe Ward

Second Row: Laura Dahl, Nancy Dalziel, Liz Magill, [unknown], Amy Blogett

Third Row: [unknown], Jeanne Abate, Tammy...

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