Yocum, Sarah G.

Female students, 1887

Female students pose for a photograph in 1887.

Back row: Jessica Longsdorff ('91), Mary Curran ('88), Zatae Longsdorff ('87), Anna Elizabeth Low ('91), and Lenora Whiting ('91).

Middle row: Hildegarde Longsdorff ('88), Mina Scarborough ('91), Elizabeth Bender ('88...

Women's physical education, 1888

Female students swing bowling pins in Dickinson's first women's physical education class.

Front row: Alice Kronenberg '89, Lenora Whiting '91, Wilhelmina Scarborough, Elizabeth Low '91

Middle row: Mary Himes '89 (non-grad), Jessica Longsdorf '91, Mary Curran '88...

Women's strength training, 1888

Female students train using weights in Dickinson's first women's physical education class in 1888.

Students by number: Mary Curran (#1), Mary Evans (#2), Sarah Yocum (#3), Elizabeth Low (#4), Wilhelmina Scarborough (#5), Alverda Yocum (#6), Hildegarde Longsdorf (#7), Jessica...

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