Academic Quad

Old West, c.2005

View of Old West during around 2005.


An orientation group meets at the flagpole on the academic quad, most likely on August 25, 1990.

From right: Jeremy Pearson ('94) ; Becky Raabe ('94) ; Andy Borner ('92) ; Sam Passman ('94)

Religion classes, 1995

View as religion professors hold their classes outside East College on the academic quad in May 1995.

Removing the College Bell, #4, 1905

A crowd watches as the college bell, which is on a wagon, moves through the academic quad. The bell will be installed in Denny Hall.

The handwritten note on the reverse side reads: "The Seniors in cap & gown constituting the guard of honor." 

The Heating Plant and part of the...

President Rubendall, c.1970

View of President Howard Rubendall on the Academic quad with Old West in the background around 1970.

George Shuman Jr., 1963

View as George Shuman Jr. stands in the academic quad in 1963. Tome and East College are visible in the background.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers sit on Academic quad, c.1910

Several Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers on the academic quad around 1910.

View as a group of students build a snowman outside East College in February 1993.

South College, c.1880

View of South College from the Academic quad through a tree-lined path, circa 1880.

Student Army Training Corps cadets, 1917

The STAC (Student Army Training Corps) cadets being sworn in on the academic quad at Dickinson College in 1917.

Student on a bench, c.1982

A student sits on a bench on the Academic quad.

Student studying on the Academic Quad, 1992

A student studies on a bench alongside the pathway leading from Old West to High Street in spring 1988.  The Weiss Center for the Arts is visible through the Class of 1902 Gateway to the Academic Quad.

Students walk, c.1982

Students walk on a path in the Academic quad.

Two students walk through a gateway, c.1985

Two students walk through a gateway near Althouse Hall on the academic quad.

View from Bosler Hall, c.1985

Panoramic view of the Academic Quad from around 1985. The photographer is standing on the Bosler Hall porch.

West College, c.1880

View of West College from the corner of W. High and West Streets, circa 1880. 

Three men stand along the path running between the street corner and the building.  At the left, the Pagoda is visible.


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