Kline Center

Kline Center, Weiss Dance Studio, c.1980

A dance class in progress in the recently completed Weiss Dance Studio in the Kline Center.

Kline Center, Wellness Center construction,  c.1998

Construction site sign for the Wellness Center indicating various contractors.

Kline Center, wellness center, stained glass, 2000

Close-up black and white shot of the stained glass window from the fitness center in the Kline Annex.

Men's Cross Country Team, 1993

The men's cross country team poses for a photo in the Kline Center pond in 1993.

Playfair, 1990

Freshmen and their RAs (Resident Advisors) engage in an ice-breaking activity in the Kline Center, held during Orientation on August 25, 1990.

Playing Against Franklin and Marshall, c.1980

Dickinson plays a basketball game versus Franklin and Marshall in the Kline Center around 1980.

Shooting the Ball, c.1980

A Dickinson basketball player shoots the ball durign a circa 1980 game in the Kline Center.


Swimmers dive into the pool, 1991

Several members of the Women's Swim team dive into the Kline Center pool in 1991.

Tennis class, c.1985

Coach Wilbur Gobrecht (center) instructs a student on technique in a tennis class in the Kline Center around 1985.

Track Meet, 1987

View of four runners during an indoor track meet at the Kline Center in 1987.

Volleyball game, c.1980

The Volleyball team plays in the Kline Center around 1980.

Volleyball game, 1981

View of a volleyball game against Trenton State College in the Kline Center in October 1981.

Volleyball game, 1988

Anne Gage (#15) jumps up to block the volleyball as Rachel Isenberg (#18) stands behind her during a game in the Kline Center in 1988.

Volleyball game, 1988

View of a Volleyball game in the Kline Center in 1988.

Witwer Raquet Courts, c.1980

View from the observation deck of one of the raquetball courts in the recently completed Kline Center.


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