LGBT Oral History 124: Brent Weaver

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February 5, 2015

Brent Weaver was born in Corning, New York but primarily grew up the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. Although his parents grew up in conservative Mennonite families, Brent and his brother were raised Presbyterian, and Brent recognized that he was attracted to boys as early as elementary school. He graduated from the University of Delaware with undergraduate degrees in German education, Spanish education, and geography. Brent continued his education at Welch University, obtaining a master’s in educational curriculum, and at the University of Illinois, receiving a second master’s in diversity and equity issues in education. Currently, he is a middle school teacher of Spanish and German and lives with his husband in Lancaster. In this interview, Brent discusses his personal struggle between his sexual orientation and religion, his ten-year marriage with a woman, and his experience coming out at the school where he works. Brent explains how he attempted to “become straight” as a young adult by seeking counseling groups such as Homosexuals Anonymous and conversion therapy to strengthen his relationship with God. Brent also comments on the fluidity of gender and sexuality as well as his distaste for labeling himself as strictly gay. In the future, Brent wants the LGBT community to look beyond their own singular issues in order to provide support to other minority groups.

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Gift of Brent Weaver
LGBT Oral History - Weaver, Brent - 124
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