PA Rural Gay Caucus Report - March 1977

PA Rural Gay Caucus Report - March 1977
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March 1977

The Pennsylvania Rural Gay Caucus was “an association of interested individuals and groups, formed with the objective of promulgating the concerns and freedoms of gay people and all sexual minorities.” The report was used as a type of newsletter outreach to the Central PA LGBTQ+ community.

In this report, the Caucus mentions the location of the meeting in April and the meeting minutes from March. Minutes to note are:

  • The update on PA Senate Bill 83
  • The Allentown Human Relations Ordinance
  • The PA Rural Gay Caucus sending a letter to the Dade County Coalition for the Humanistic Rights of Gays in supporting their stance against Anita Bryant
  • The idea of a gay youth center is raised
  • Shippensburg State College passes a non-discrimination clause
  • Discussion of reaching out to people of color
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