Waidner-Spahr Library (1998-present)

Waidner-Spahr Library, 1998

In March 1997, the Spahr Library underwent a major renovation project which included an expansion of the current library; on October 23, 1998, the Robert A. Waidner section of the Waidner-Spahr Library was officially dedicated. The new extension nearly doubled the amount of space available in the Spahr wing (which underwent its own renovation), and allowed the College to house all of its books, collections, and holdings under one roof. The expanded library  contains computer labs, classrooms, and individual study rooms. It was designed by Perry Dean Rogers and Partners, and the construction cost $14 million ($12.5 million for Waidner and $1.5 million to renovate Spahr). Its namesake, Mr. Waidner, was a member of the class of 1932 and of the Dickinson College Board of Trustees.

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