Letter from Alexander H. Stephens to Thomas W. Thomas

Letter from Alexander H. Stephens to Thomas W. Thomas
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June 16, 1856

Representative Alexander Hamilton Stephens writes to Thomas W. Thomas and discusses the 1856 presidential election. Stephens, a Democrat, supports James Buchanan and describes the reasons why the convention made the decisions they did with regard to President Franklin Pierce, Senator Stephen Douglas, and Senator William H. Seward. Stephens also compares it to the 1852 nomination of General Winfield Scott. While not sure that Buchanan will win the election, Stephens notes that "I do verily believe if in the approaching contest we shall succeed there will never be another sectional or slavery struggle in the United States at least[?] in our day." In addition, Stephens also discusses other important political issues of the day, including Kansas, free soil party, and abolition of slavery. Transcript included.

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Gift of Boyd Lee Spahr