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Dickinson in China Homepage

This website is part of the American Context of China's Christian Colleges project, which investigates the interaction between the China Christian colleges and American liberal arts colleges between 1900 and 1950.

Date of Launch: 2002

Project Creator: Matthew Lemieux, Class of 2005

Type: Student Independent Projects

James Gordon Steese in dog mushing outfit

Biographical essays and selected photographs.

Date of Launch: 2002

Project Creator: Greg Sheridan, Class of 2003

Type: Student Independent Projects

Horatio Collins King

Horatio Collins King's remembrance of war led him to put his feelings and memories to use in aiding his fellow soldiers through life after the war, and memorializing the fallen through his work on various committees and associations. He was proud of his service to his country in the war, and...

Date of Launch: 2001

Project Creator: Laura Dettloff, Class of 2002

Type: Student Independent Projects

Ralph L. Minker, Jr. logo

A web project about 2nd Lieutenant Ralph L. Minker Jr., Dickinson College Class of 1947 and World War II B17G Bomber Pilot (1943-1945).

Date of Launch: 2000

Project Creator: Patrick "Skip" Stevenson, Class of 2001

Type: Student Independent Projects

 Thirty-Second College Training Detachment (Air Crew) logo

The Thirty-Second College Training Detachment changed the history of Dickinson, having numerous effects on the social, political and economic life of the College. This study examines that impact.

Date of Launch: 1999

Project Creator: Mark Fifer, Class of 2000

Type: Student Independent Projects

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