Beta Theta Pi House (1906-1964)

Beta Theta Pi House, 1947

The members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity built a house in 1906 on the southwest corner of High Street and Mooreland avenue. In the summer of 1927 they remodeled the building for a cost of $18,000, adding a new dining room and kitchen, complete with an electric refrigerator, and outfitting the house with a new heating system. By December of 1954, the mortgage for the house had been completely repaid; the fraternity members, old and new, celebrated by burning the mortgage papers.

Beta Theta Pi occupied the house until it was sold to the College in 1964 and the members moved into Quad 6 (now Longsdorff Hall) of the Fraternity Quandrangle. The house was razed and the site was used for a new dormitory, Malcolm Hall.

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