Conway Hall (1905-1966)

Conway Hall, c.1925

Conway Hall was dedicated on June 6, 1905 as a home for the Dickinson Preparatory School, complete with offices, classrooms, and living quarters. Miller I. Kast designed the building, and Andrew Carnegie paid the $63,480 construction costs in full, in honor of his friend Moncure Daniel Conway, Class of 1849.

When the preparatory school closed in 1917, the College began to use Conway Hall as a residence hall for freshmen men. The building was also used as a locker room for teams competing at Biddle Field (the front step of Conway is preserved near the main stand entrance to Biddle Field), as well as a barracks for the 32nd training detachment for eleven months during World War II.

Conway Hall was closed and razed in the summer of 1966 to provide room for the construction of Boyd Lee Spahr Library.

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